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Children Care

We Provide High Quality Children Care From Birth To Age

Safe Environment

Providing Healthy And Safe Environment

Healthy Meals

Healthy Daily Meals And Snacks

New Daily Skills

Children Participate In Daily Activities To Develop New Skills

We have been educating children for over nine years, Our goal is to create a place that engages each child

The Nursery is set within a large converted house in a lovely area inside Parkview-Erbil, creating a warm and friendly environment where your child feels safe and secure

Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement

Educational field trips and school presentations

Individual attention in a small-class setting

Learning program with after-school care

Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations

Positive learning environment for your child

Daily Activities

Friendly Place


Social Developing

Our Classes

We provide more than five different classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve month to four years of age



Attending a nursery will widen your child’s experience of the world. Taking part in different activities, spending time with different children and adults and visiting different places will help their confidence to grow and build a foundation which prepares them for life in the outside world.

Learning new skills

Starting nursery can be an exciting new adventure for young children and will nurture a wide range of new skills. Personal skills such as being responsible for washing their hands before they eat and putting on their own coat and hanging it up by themselves will all be developed at nursery.

Preparation for school

Taking part in structured activities, spending time with peers, following rules and listening to instructions from nursery staff will all help them to feel prepared for life at ‘big school’ when the time comes.

Making new friends

Nursery is the perfect opportunity for your child to begin forging those first friendships. They will be surrounded with children of a similar age to themselves


Attending nursery provides children with a strong routine and structure to their day, this means that they are aware of what is expected at certain times of the day.

Me time !

From a parent’s perspective, your child attending nursery or preschool even for just a few hours a week can provide some much needed me time.

Our Pricing

At Veen Nursery Parkview we offer an inclusive price for all age groups, which means there are no hidden surprises for you on your invoice. Our fees cover all snacks, meals, accessories, activities, disposal and baby formula milk. Our pricing plan is simple we are offering monthly payment which starts from 300 $ and it can be cancelled anytime for those who are looking for 1 month duration, note that the price is different from one to another, it is based on age group & hours you want your child to be enroll for any further information please email us or simply call us .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a visit ?

Please just give us a call on 0750 411 2000 and we can arrange a suitable time for you to come and visit the nursery .

How much will it cost for my child to attend ?

Please read the pricing section and if you have any question send us an email or simply call us .

What happens if my child is sick ?

We ask that when your child is sick you do not bring them to nursery – to help prevent the spread of infection. We will not accept a child into nursery who is running a temperature. When the cause of illness is sickness or diarrhoea we ask that you child stays away for 48hrs after the last bout of illness.

What will my child be given to eat and drink ?

We ensure we offer the children a varied and healthy diet made from fresh produce and where possible organic by using our in house cooks for lunchtimes and by our staff for teatime and snacks

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